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The growing need for online reporting tools

Online reporting tools have become some of the most important pieces of software that businesses are currently investing in. Today more than ever, huge amounts of data are generated, increasing most organisations’ need for a smart software that can make sense of this vast amount of numbers and figures, and transform the data into strategic insights that will support the decision-making process.

Our modern business age and its terabytes of data produced every minute paved the way to online data analysis tools - and companies are more and more demanding as the growth of Software-as-a-Service solutions is not slowing down. State-of-the-Art Online reporting software like datapine has the great advantage of being easy to understand and very simple to handle from the start. On top of that simplicity, their online nature provides an incredible flexibility that other traditional reporting tools do not offer: this is a luxury few companies today would miss.

datapine’s online report generator and is highly sophisticated, and has been developed in collaboration with businesses of various sizes. It is suitable for any kind of business and offers powerful data analysis and reporting features that allow managers and other stakeholders to make informed decisions designed to power your organisation forward. From profitability reports to a KPI dashboard, datapine’s easy-to-use solution gives all employees an insight into their organisation’s status. Unlike other online reporting tools, datapine facilitates the seamless production and analysis of sophisticated reports with no special training needed, allowing for better management and decision-making and faster responses.

Business reports are essential to give everyone in your company the right information, and to allow them to make better business decisions: with datapine, they can be done in moments. You can start by using our data reporting tool to analyse your data to get the information you need. With our convenient drag and drop interface, you can create stunning charts and graphs in the blink of an eye. Build real-time reports using up to 15+ different chart designs (from stacked column graphs to map charts), each of them having specific features providing even more customisation options. You can also conduct your data analysis and generate these reports with our advanced SQL Query Box, for a higher flexibility: enter code manually, perform cross-database queries and visualise the results immediately. You can then share your reports with the people you want and work on them together, fostering a collaborative environment within your team and avoiding at the same time the report duplication nightmare and synchronisation problems. Finally, you can send your business dashboards straight to your selected recipients so as to keep them always up-to-date.

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Why do businesses need an online reporting software?

Businesses today have to make decisions quicker than ever, and to make good business decisions it is important to have a powerful online report tool like ours, which will aid in getting the right information to the right people quickly. Setting up with datapine is a breeze, and within 10 minutes you can have your database connected and you’ll be ready to go. Without true self-service BI tools like ours, it could take hours or even days for companies to get the right information from their data, and this job would likely have been carried out by an IT specialist.

Our online reporting software is built from the start to make collaboration easy and facilitate your work, without requiring a special set of skills or IT knowledge to work with it. You simply need to sign in, connect the data sources you want to work from, start analysing the data, and your online reports are ready to go. No complex configuration is required, nor regular maintenance, patch update or upgrades.

Hereafter you will find the roundup of why you need a business report tool like datapine:

IT departments were traditionally the factions within an organization which would fulfil requests for online reporting and analysis; however, with the amount of data created by business in this digital era, manual analysis has proven ineffective and time-consuming. datapine’s reporting and dashboard software cuts the process of requesting data analysis from hours or days into mere minutes, and places the power in the hands of the decision-makers.
Businesses today generate huge amounts of data, and having sophisticated, powerful online reporting software allows them to make sense of these convoluted figures. Our tool turns vast databases full of figures and statistics into charts, graphs and a BI dashboard that can be easily monitored to keep on top of everything from flux in client retention to sales figures.
Do you store data in Google Analytics? datapine has developed an intelligent Google Analytics connector that allows you to drag and drop GA data using our interface. After following the authorization procedure available through the Google Analytics API, you’re set to go.
The business market is growing increasingly saturated; there are more SMEs all over the world now than ever before, and each one is vying for a competitive edge over its rival. Reporting tools that allow the mining of data and make sense of every last piece of information gathered can help give a business a strategic advantage over their rival.


Try our flexible real-time online report generator for free

Some of our best features are the flexibility and accuracy of our reports. You can access our online report generator and your individual dashboards with your internet-enabled mobile device or tablet from almost everywhere. Stay up-to-date even when you are not in the office and create or edit reports on the fly to inform selected receivers about current business developments.

Our web interface offers universal web browsing, so that you can run data analysis and create your reports from any device and from anywhere, at any time. This convenient way of working will save you time and energy, since you can set automated online reports, sharing with clients or colleagues the latest version of your work. You can indeed share or create reports online with selected colleagues or stakeholders of interest whenever you want. If you need to monitor certain Key Performance Indicators over a period of time and repeatedly want to send out specific reports to stakeholders, our software allows for automated reporting to deliver updated reports directly to selected receivers. This new way of working collaboratively has many advantages: anyone with the rights can access, work on and update the reports. This means that the data duplication problem, conflicting versions of reports and synchronisation issues can be avoided.

This is possible because our innovative online reports are automatically pulled from your connected databases as they are updated. Thereby you will never miss a business opportunity again and always be on top of your current business performance. When needed, you can revoke the permissions’ granting at any time or restrict the access rights of certain users to basic sharing, editing or reporting.

This flexibility of our tool is one of the biggest advantages of datapine, and for the modern-day business it is absolutely essential to be able to access all of your information at the touch of a button – and to be able to share it with your colleagues who also need this information is completely invaluable. So why not test out our innovative online reporting tool for yourself while we are offering a 14-day unlimited free trial, and see how datapine can benefit your company?

but don’t take our word for it...We were amazed how easy it was to use datapine and get the first KPIs within a couple of minutes. datapine is definitively a game changer for us as now all decision makers have quick, easy access to ad hoc analysis, KPI dashboards and reports.Sebastian Diemer, Founder at KreditechGO TO PRODUCT OVERVIEW
If you can visualise it, you can manage it.

Become a data wizard in less than 1 hour!

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