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In today’s data-driven era, businesses that don’t leverage the power of their data will simply stay behind. To reach that much wanted competitive advantage, companies need to implement and invest in processes and tools that will allow for efficient data management by involving their entire workforce in the process. That is where online reporting comes into the picture.

Online reporting is a process in which business executives and decision-makers analyse and monitor their data to extract actionable insights that are displayed in interactive dashboards and reports in an online environment. This can all be achieved with the help of a professional online reporting tool, as these types of solutions help KPI-driven companies to efficiently manage their data thanks to interactive reporting software features.

Modern online reporting software provides users with numerous benefits and features, including:

SaaS environment: Online reporting tools have become some of the most important pieces of software that businesses are currently investing in. Today more than ever, huge amounts of data are generated, increasing most organisations’ need for smart software to make sense of this vast amount of numbers and figures, and transform the data into strategic insights that will support the decision-making process. Thanks to SaaS, the possibility of 24/7/365 access to reports and data, easy to share online dashboards via public URL or viewer access, have become invaluable resources in today’s business environment, and the online aspect provides just that – an increased advantage over competitors and the possibility to generate instant insights.
Powerful data integration: The static nature of traditional tools such as Excel or PowerPoint requires organisations to manage their data in multiple files and spreadsheets. The online environment of modern report-generation tools allows users to get a centralised location for all their most important internal and external data sources. All they need to do is connect them to the tool, and all their information will be available to them on a single screen. Plus, with the help of interactive filters, the data on the reports can be explored in detail to answer any relevant questions that might arise during a meeting or discussion.
Easy to handle: Our modern business age and its terabytes of data produced every minute paved the way to online data analysis tools – and companies are more and more demanding as the growth of Software-as-a-Service solutions is not slowing down. State-of-the-art online reporting software has the great advantage of being easy to understand and very simple to handle from the start. On top of that simplicity, their online nature provides incredible flexibility that other traditional report tools do not offer; this is a luxury few companies today would miss.
Cloud storage: A complete online reporting engine will give you the edge to visualise your data, create a stunning presentation, and increase productivity using minimal memory or processor usage. With a cloud-based online reporting tool, you don’t need to worry about cluttering your own storage. It should be easy to use, with the ability to customise to your own business needs and goals and provide the foundation for sustainable business development.
Artificial intelligence & forecasting: Paired with all the standard data management features, a sophisticated reporting tool must take you one step further with advanced options such as artificial intelligence technologies like smart data alerts and predictive analytics for trend identification and forecasting. All these features will ensure no insight is left untapped and will take your analysis process beyond standard charts and graphs, to powerful business-boosting insights.
Embedded or live dashboards: One of the most valuable features of an online reporting tool is its versatility. Once you create your reports with a dashboard creator, you can either share them via automated Email-reports, see them live via a generated URL that can be password protected for extra security, or embed the dashboards into your own application via an iframe. Several white labelling and design options enable you to personalise your reports according to your individual business needs.
Suitable for everyone: An online report generator should be highly sophisticated and developed in collaboration with businesses of various sizes. Being suitable for any kind of business and offering powerful data analysis and reporting features allows managers and other stakeholders to make informed decisions designed to power an organisation forward. From profitability reports to an online dashboard, these solutions give all employees an insight into their organisation’s status, promoting interdepartmental collaboration and empowering everyone in the business to benefit from professional reports. Online reporting tools facilitate the seamless production and analysis of sophisticated reports with no special training needed, allowing for better management, decision-making, and faster responses.

Online reporting tools are essential to give everyone in your company the right information, and to allow them to make better business decisions. With datapine, that can be done in moments. You can start by using our data reporting tool to analyse your data to get the information you need. With our convenient drag and drop interface, you can create stunning charts and graphs in the blink of an eye. Build real-time reports by using our ready dashboard templates, each with specific features providing even more customisation options. You can also conduct your own data analysis and generate these reports with our advanced SQL Query Box, for higher flexibility: enter the code manually, perform cross-database queries and visualise the results immediately. You can then share your reports with the people you want and work on them together, fostering a collaborative environment within your team and avoiding, at the same time, the report duplication nightmare and synchronisation problems. Finally, you can send your business dashboards straight to your selected recipients to keep them always up-to-date.

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Why do businesses need reporting tools?

A reporting tool is used to generate and present data, typically as an application within an online BI software that enables users to find useful information via interactive visualisations. Their flexibility often provides easy access to define, edit, and design custom reports. Professional online reporting tools give the advantage to efficiently produce and evaluate business data since companies today must make decisions quicker than ever, and to make good business decisions, it is important to have a powerful online report tool, which will aid in getting the right information to the right people quickly. Without true self-service BI tools, it could take hours or even days for companies to get the right information from their data, and this job would likely have been carried out by an IT specialist. The potential of gathering all your data under one roof is invaluable business conduct that can create new revenue opportunities and decrease operational clutter while increasing productivity.

Online reporting software should be built from the start to make reporting collaboration easy and facilitate your work, without requiring a special set of skills or IT knowledge to work with it. You simply need to sign in, connect the data sources you want to work with, generate your visuals quickly via drag and drop, and your online reports are ready to go in just a couple of minutes. No complex configuration or regular maintenance, patch update, or upgrades are required. Plus, you can access your tool from any device, including mobile, which gives you the opportunity to make the right decision at the right time.

Hereafter you will find the roundup of why you need a professional reporting tool:

It saves precious time: Reporting tools enable you to become your own data manager. IT departments were traditionally the factions within an organisation that would fulfil requests for online reporting and analysis; however, with the amount of data created by businesses in this digital era, manual analysis has proven ineffective and time-consuming. A reporting tool and dashboard software cuts the process of requesting data analysis from hours or days into mere minutes and places the power in the hands of the decision-makers.
It holds powerful visualisations: Businesses today generate huge amounts of data, and having sophisticated, online reporting software allows them to make sense of these convoluted figures. The tool should turn vast databases full of figures and statistics into charts, graphs, and a BI dashboard that can be easily monitored to keep on top of everything from flux in client retention to sales figures. That way, the reporting process is completely simplified, created with just a few clicks, and shared with any stakeholder that needs it.
It simplifies technicalities: Another key point to consider is the possibility of simplifying technicalities that were previously tackled only by a specialised IT department. These tools enable you to relieve IT specialists from additional tasks and take full control over your data and reporting processes. Not only will you save precious time, but also generate more profit in the long run as every employee will be empowered to generate their reports and integrate a data-driven culture into their daily operations.
It streamlines reporting processes: Static PowerPoint presentations and infinite Excel sheets no longer make the cut. Sharing and customising your reports, whether for a financial or marketing department, for investors, or for client reporting, can all be done through an interactive online reporting software. An intuitive feature enables instant drag-and-drop of required data so you can visualise everything on one screen and filter the information upon the need to support relevant business discussions.
It works with numerous data sources: Do you store data in Google Analytics? Or Oracle, Amazon, Microsoft? Extracting data from various data sources can cause lost information, clutter, and an increased amount of time to generate insights. An online reporting tool should be able to provide a list of data connectors that enable a company to visualise any internal and external sources they might have. By relying on reporting tools, the functionality of business operations increases, including the production of reports by more than 40%.
It offers access from anywhere: As mentioned, you can access your reports from any device – whether mobile phone, tablet, or desktop – and anywhere. All you need in order to obtain your live data is an Internet connection, and your reports are one log-in away. You don’t have to be physically present in your office to see and explore all your data. Thanks to modern technology, you can relax on a beach while your reporting software does the arduous work.
It provides real-time monitoring: Arguably, one of the greatest benefits of these tools is the fact that they provide you with 24/7 access to real-time data. This allows you to stay on top of any potential threats or opportunities and act on them before more resources are spent. For example, you can look at the performance of a marketing campaign and tweak some details as the data starts to pop up.
It features strategic advantage: The business market is growing increasingly saturated; there are more SMEs all over the world now than ever before, and each one is vying for a competitive edge over its rival. Data reporting software that allows the mining of data and making sense of every last piece of information gathered can help give a business a strategic advantage over its rivals.
It automates the reporting process: Lastly, implementing online reporting solutions to manage your data will save you countless hours on manual reporting while significantly mitigating the risk of human errors since the tool will automatically update your data and generate reports with the latest information available. Reports can also be customised and scheduled to be sent to specific recipients at a pre-defined time.

If you want to see all these benefits in action, you can also visit our demo dashboard page with over 100 live dashboard examples. There you can explore various dashboards created for specific functions, industries, and platforms that will provide you with insights into what kind of reports you can build yourself as well as the multiple scenarios in which these tools can be valuable for your organisation.


Try our flexible real-time online report generator for free

Some of our best features are the flexibility and accuracy of our reports. You can access our online reporting software and your individual dashboards with your Internet-enabled mobile device or tablet from almost everywhere. Stay up-to-date even when you are not in the office and create or edit reports on the fly to inform selected receivers about current business developments.

Our web interface offers universal web browsing so you can run data analysis and create your reports from any device, anywhere, at any time. This convenient way of working will save you time and energy since you can set automated online reports, and share the latest version of your work with clients or colleagues. You can indeed share or create reports online with selected colleagues or stakeholders of interest whenever you want. If you need to monitor certain Key Performance Indicators over a period of time and repeatedly want to send out specific reports to stakeholders, our software allows for automated reporting to deliver updated reports directly to selected receivers. Additionally, our selection of professionally designed KPI templates will help you to save time and provide incredible new business insights while increasing collaboration between departments and stakeholders. This new way of working collaboratively has many advantages: anyone with the rights can access, work on, and update the reports. This means that the data duplication problem, conflicting versions of reports, and synchronisation issues can be avoided.

This is possible because our innovative online reports are automatically pulled from your connected databases as they are updated. Thereby you will never miss a business opportunity again and always be on top of your current business performance. When needed, you can revoke the permissions granted at any time or restrict the access rights of certain users to basic sharing, editing, or reporting.

The flexibility of our BI reporting tool is one of the biggest advantages of datapine. For the modern-day business, it is absolutely essential to be able to access all their information at the touch of a button – and to be able to share it with your colleagues who also need this information is completely invaluable. So why not test out our innovative online reporting tool for yourself while we are offering a 14-day unlimited free trial, and see how datapine can benefit your company?

but don’t take our word for it...We were amazed how easy it was to use datapine and get the first KPIs within a couple of minutes. datapine is definitively a game changer for us as now all decision makers have quick, easy access to ad hoc analysis, KPI dashboards and reports.Sebastian Diemer, Founder at KreditechGO TO PRODUCT OVERVIEW
If you can visualise it, you can manage it.

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