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Intelligent Alert System
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Set up customised data alerts to monitor your business performance with ease

It is easy to lose track of what really matters when you monitor plenty of KPIs and manage a lot of dashboards. datapine's business alerts are here to help you out with that: as soon as a pre-defined goal is met, or whenever an unexpected event happens, you will be notified and keep full control of what drives your business. Based on artificial intelligence, our data alerts learn from trends and patterns and let you know as soon as something important happens.

Neural Network Alert Icon - Benefit from artificial intelligence

Neural Network Alert - Benefit from Artificial Intelligence

The first of our data alerts is based on an artificial intelligence algorithm using the most advanced neural network for anomaly detection. It models some of the structural and algorithmic properties of the neocortex. It combines and extends various approaches, like those used in Bayesian networks, Sparse distribution memory and spatial and temporal clustering algorithms. It works with the common tree-shaped hierarchy of nodes for neural networks. Thanks to such model, our professional BI software can foresee the next value using historical patterns, and evaluate the difference between the predicted value and the next value. The degree of anomaly is thus proportional to the deviation between the predicted value and the actual value. Besides, these data alerts also provide you with a fluctuation margin, which measures the confidence of the output, and that will help you gauge what action you should take next.

Pattern Recognition Alert Icon - Benefit from data science, cognitive science and machine learning

Pattern Recognition Alert – Take Advantage of Machine Learning

Our Pattern recognition alert is a machine-learning algorithm that aims at predicting the next expected value of a data series. It uses historical data to predict the value of the next period, and compares it to the actual real outcome. Finding strong patterns in the underlying data helps in generating more accurate and useful predictions. If a significant deviation between an expected value and the actual number is observed, it may indicate an unexpected behaviour because it does not fit in the actual pattern. By defining the range of allowed deviation from the forecasted value, you can adjust the sensitivity of the algorithm – and that way, adapt the number of BI alerts you will receive.

Threshold Alert Icon - Manually define your target range

Threshold Alerts - Manually Define Your Target Ranges

The threshold alerts are basic BI alerts that let you define two types of range – absolute or relative – in which the metric you track can fluctuate without actually triggering an alarm. If it however exceeds the pre-defined value, you will be immediately notified. Our two types of thresholds are the following. Absolute Value Alerts: gets activated when the value falls below or above the absolute value pre-set. It is useful when you want to be notified every time a certain target is reached, like the sales quota of the week. Relative Value Alerts: uses a certain percentage difference of the observed value to its previous value. When the percentage difference falls below or exceeds the defined range, the alert is immediately triggered.

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datapine's alert overview - identify trends and patterns

Identify Trends & Patterns

In order to take the right action at the right moment, your company needs to know when the business conditions have changed. Thanks to our alerts, you can take swift action as soon as any anomaly arises to stay ahead of potential problems that could affect your business’ bottom line. At datapine, we design our business alerts so that they help you keep full control over your key success factors. Combine them with innovative business dashboards, and you have the opportunity to step away from the time-consuming process of digging through data to uncover trends and patterns, and get alerted as soon as something needs an intervention.

datapine's detailed alert information - seize opportunities right on time

Seize opportunities right on time

From business intelligence to artificial intelligence: there is a growing need to explore future potentialities within organisations. You no longer want to answer the "what happened and why" question only, but want to move on to know "what happens next". Stay aware of seasonality effects, or day time effects that can change your data drastically, even without impacting the bottom line. We got you covered. We developed AI-powered alerts that keep an eye on what really matters to your business and let you gauge what action to take or not to take. Stay ahead of the game with datapine's business alerts and anticipate any fluctuation and change.

datapine's business intelligence alerts set up

Set up alerts with a few clicks

Set instant business alerts to keep track on your activities. Neural networks, threshold alerts or pattern recognition, you have everything in hand to monitor what matters and be notified instantly on important changes. Setting up our data alerts doesn’t take more than a couple of clicks, and you can monitor them directly on the dashboards you create. With datapine, you can easily replace the descriptive and diagnostic analysis by an automated analysis that will highlight important facts and hypotheses. Benefit from business intelligence alerts keeping you aware of anything that happens within your data and avoid potentially bad surprises. Control is the watchword.

datapine's automated alert reports - get them anywhere, anytime

Get Alerts anywhere, anytime

Our business intelligence software lets you access your data and work on it from any device, as long as it has an internet connection – and so do the BI alerts. You will be notified at any time on your mobile as soon as something happens in your data: our business alerts send automated emails to keep you informed of important business developments. They are automatically enclosed as a PNG in the email you receive for all the KPIs that are affected, meaning that you don’t even have to log in to see them. Besides, you can customise a specific sending list for each alert, and add or remove recipients at any moment.


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