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What are the benefits of online data visualisation?

Online data visualisation is a term that describes the process of using tools to graphically represent datasets through interactive graphs, charts, and dashboards. They help extract and communicate insights to boost business growth in an online environment.

Thanks to professional online data visualisation software, companies from all industries can quickly and efficiently visualise their most relevant information in a universal manner, facilitating collaboration and business growth.

Studies say the human brain processes visual data 60,000 times faster than text or numbers. Taking this fact into consideration, it is impossible to ignore the benefits an interactive visualisation can bring to your business. To put this into perspective, here we present you a list of benefits your business could extract from investing in modern online data visualisation tools:

Easy data administration: It is a known fact that the massive data outbreak we have seen over the past decade must be properly administered. In today’s environment, big and small businesses face the challenge of managing this increasing amount of data as part of their everyday operations. Without the right knowledge and analysis, all the data potential remains untapped, which is a great loss for them. In the past, to make the most out of the data, businesses needed data science expertise and a smart way to communicate the gained insights to relevant stakeholders. Today, thanks to the rise of self-service BI tools armed with powerful data visualisations, everyone can access the power of data without needing technical skills or any manual work. By combining all the data coming from a wide range of data sources. Leaving you more time for the sexy part of the job: the analysis. Online data visualisation tools will assist you in conveying the data story you want to tell, thanks to powerful graphs and charts that you compile into interactive business dashboards.
Enhanced decision-making process: Paired with the power of managing data in a centralised location, professional online data visualisations provide businesses with the necessary knowledge to make powerful strategic and operational decisions. Being able to visualise their most important key performance indicators on an online dashboard with interactive graphs and charts enables decision-makers to spot trends and patterns as well as improvement opportunities to boost organisational growth. In today’s competitive business landscape, organisations that manage to extract the maximum potential from their information stand to become reputable industry leaders. All of that becomes more easily achievable with the power of visual data analytics.
Informative yet attractive messaging: Data storytelling has become a powerful part of the communications toolkit, used not only as a foundation for the decision-making process but also as a basic component of any business presentation. The ability to deliver visually compelling data-driven online presentations is now a crucial skill for many professionals to encourage their colleagues to a new initiative or talk about a new business opportunity, as every message is more compelling and credible when backed by informative data visualisations.
Take advantage of the cloud: Professional online data visualisation tools put businesses in control of their data from the start, giving them the possibility to see data not as a mass of numbers but rather as a source of actionable insights, not just accessible from a desktop computer, but also from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone on-the-fly. Such tools boast secure and accessible cloud-based servers that allow users to compile reports and access data visualisation straightforwardly and online. The high-speed servers are usually shrouded in enterprise-level security layers to ensure protection for all sensitive data – you can assign secure access to selected receivers within seconds.
Clear and understandable data: After its collection and analysis, the biggest challenge facing data management, was to make it understandable and clear for people with no technical skills. The best analysis that cannot convey a coherent message because of too complicated tables and charts is unfortunately useless. Communicating your insights and acumen to stakeholders, investors, or management is crucial when it comes to making data-driven decisions that have the potential to boost your business. Online data visualisation is a good opportunity to bring these decisions to reality, thanks to a well-implemented online BI tool that can compress complex data into a more comprehensible format, giving numbers and figures real dimension and putting them into the context of real-life business operations. To visualise your business data analyses, opt for the flexibility of a SaaS combined with the multifunctionality of an online data visualisation tool.
Self-service and flexible reports: The growing emphasis on data analysis has led many businesses to search for self-service BI that will help them compile in-depth reports and generate meaningful business insights. To create these reports in no time, they need an easy to handle and flexible tool that enables several people to work on reports from anywhere, at any time. At an age where collaboration is no longer a fancy concept but a real need, fostering this kind of environment in your company is possible with our online data visualisation tool.

The possibility to extract, manipulate, and analyse data online from any device with an Internet connection, and to create powerful visualisation without profound IT or technical knowledge, makes online data visualisation a backbone for modern, agile business management. Without it, companies are at risk of becoming blind in the modern data world, where each piece of information is becoming priceless. Besides, these tools can automate many processes that organisations these days still do manually, and welcome you to the 21st century.

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Why modern businesses turn to online data visualisation tools?

Lifting thousands of numbers from a database and compiling a manageable report or creating a stunning visual dashboard sounds like quite a complex task, but state-of-the-art data visualisation tools have been created to empower business users to perform these operations independently. Here are some tips for your online data visualisation process:

Empower everyone within your organisation: As we mentioned before, accessibility is one of the prime benefits of any online data visualisation tool. Enabling all employees to build queries without any SQL training or prior technical code expertise and thus unburden the IT department or even make establishing one unnecessary is the principal factor of modern data visualisation. Integrated, easy-to-use online SQL query builder tools make the data sets accessible to all business users across different job positions. However, if you have basic knowledge in the matter, most tools let you manually enter the SQL code, perform queries and visualise the results straight away.
Automate all your reports: Up to now, Excel or PowerPoint were the main tools for data reporting. However, they imposed many restrictions on data visualisation and its reception. The data must be manually updated into every new report and the dataset closed and completed before you started to build slides, so it often happened that the data was already obsolete at the moment it was presented. Additionally, infinite slide presentations make reporting to relevant stakeholders or clients a long process that is not efficient for anyone. This is a complication that you won’t face anymore. Online reporting tools update automatically and save you time manually creating your reports by providing you with a one-screen visual report with live data that you can filter to support several discussions, making your presentation process faster and more interactive than ever.
Boost employee productivity: By analysing a mix of your current and historical data, professional online data visualisation software can help you set realistic and attainable KPI targets to measure the performance of your activities. These targets can later be visualised in an interactive dashboard to help employees understand if they are successful at achieving goals. Doing so can motivate them to work harder and more productively to achieve their targets, making your entire organisation more productive in the process. And not just that, setting performance targets and visualising their development in real-time can also help decision-makers spot any bottlenecks and optimise their strategies before all resources are spent.
Collaborate with others: The way of working in online data visualisation is incredibly collaborative, as several team workers can access the tool and work together on different dashboards. That gives you the mobility and flexibility which was thwarted by PowerPoint and the necessity of data being carried on a storage device or in a laptop by a person responsible for presentations and reports. Now, thanks to the sharing and reporting option, alongside a mobile app, every stakeholder and employee can interact with data online – editing them or just viewing them, according to the degree of access you wish to grant anyone. Such permission granting can be revoked and modified at any time if needed. A data visualisation online tool also offers universal web browsing, so your teammates and you can log in to the cloud-based software from anywhere, including any laptop or computer. All of these features naturally allow for better communication inside the team and facilitate the decision-making process.
Explore the interactive features: A visualisation tool can provide additional features, such as faster action, with the help of interactive features, enabling users to process information on a speedy level. The human brain is wired to process visual information far more easily than the written one: therefore, the comprehension of data will be much more easily digestible since simple visualisations will be able to present even the most complex datasets in a straightforward way. For example, you can use filters to dig into lower levels of data or change the time period displayed in the chart. Adding a few clicks and having an interactive feature will provide users with quick access to any question raised and needs a prompt or strategic answer.
Update your data in real-time: The amount of collecting data consumers in today’s digital age is exposing many opportunities for business owners, c-level executives, or department managers, to adapt and customise their operational strategies and interdepartmental communication – effectiveness will, consequently, exponentially rise. These kinds of tools allow its users to turn raw data into easy-to-read, informative KPI dashboards and charts in a matter of minutes, which in turn gives all stakeholders and decision-makers the power to make important strategic decisions based on real-time data. Grant your colleagues access to work with you, or share your reports with investors and stakeholders, and facilitate the information circulation for everyone – simple and effective.

These tips can enable you to decrease the time you usually need to generate actionable business insights and find adequate information to improve your decision-making processes. When you have visualisations on your sleeve, there will be no late reports and no disorganised data.


Why our online data visualisation tool?

Fast data connection and synchronisation: Thanks to datapine’s professional data connectors you choose which data sources you want to connect to the tool (databases, flat files, marketing analytics, social media, helpdesk, etc.). Our software lets you to juxtapose data from different data sets on one dashboard. Moreover, dashboards are updated automatically and always display the most current, real-time data to you. Additionally, our demo dashboards are there to provide you with instant access to see what our software can do for you. It’s quite simple, connect the data with a click, choose a dashboard template with another click, and see the data magic happen.
Data warehousing simplified: datapine offers your company not only an outstanding dashboard builder but also data warehousing services. You can store your data on the external server in the high-security server centre in Frankfurt am Mein, Germany. Even if your office server is inaccessible, data stored in our cloud-based data server is always up-to-date and always available. However, if you feel more comfortable supervising your data individually, we offer an on-premises version where you can keep all your sensitive data within your company.
Customised dashboards: Our data visualisation tool can display a massive amount of data compressed into a simple and clear data dashboard. Data can be arranged in customised charts – you can choose between many types like line, bar, column, pie, spider web, area, gauge, scatter plot, or tables and then further customise the colour of every element of the chart, background, and lines. And not just that, we already offer ready-to-use dashboard templates which you can use and adjust with your own data source – you don’t have to create your own dashboard if you don’t like designing – we have covered that possibility, too.
Intuitive interface: Our intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes our dashboard creator a very accessible and easy-to-handle tool: no sharp IT knowledge is required for you to produce stunning reports that will bring value to your business. Thanks to datapine’s user-friendly interface, everyone in your business will be able to benefit from the powers of data analysis through interactive visualisations, developing a data-driven culture in your organisation.
Multiple sharing options: Last but not least, with our BI dashboard software you can easily generate reports and send them out to selected receivers via e-mail in XLS, PDF, or PNG format. You can schedule a single date on which you want to send out reports once or set up fixed intervals at which they will be distributed. You can also share dashboards by sending a URL to selected viewers and help them better understand the data.

Try out datapine for 14 days for free and learn what makes us stand out among other data visualisation tools. Sign up today to discover how our comprehensive software package can benefit your business and add value to your monitoring, analysing, and reporting practices!

but don’t take our word for it...We were amazed how easy it was to use datapine and get the first KPIs within a couple of minutes. datapine is definitively a game changer for us as now all decision makers have quick, easy access to ad hoc analysis, KPI dashboards and reports.Sebastian Diemer, Founder at KreditechGO TO PRODUCT OVERVIEW
If you can visualise it, you can manage it.

Become a data wizard in less than 1 hour!

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