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What is online business intelligence?

Online business intelligence (online BI) is the process in which executives and decision-makers utilise business intelligence solutions to prepare, analyse and share their data in order to extract actionable insights and ensure business growth in an online environment.

The purpose of online BI is to provide better decision-making processes while securing access to data on the go with SaaS solutions, via web browser, mobile devices, and apps, thus enabling the user to save time and improve productivity. BI reporting, online analytical processing, data mining, process mining, performance management, benchmarking, predictive and prescriptive analytics, BI technologies handle large sets of data all saved and stored in a cloud-hosted environment that ultimately provides access to data wherever the user is located, and from any device. Supporting a wide range of business decisions, from strategic to operational can be done from a single online BI software that provides the best possible information management solutions.

Online business intelligence can be applied for these purposes:

Performance management: Business leaders can derive actionable insights by using a smart online BI tool that will inform them how metrics and benchmarking progress towards their business goals.
Empower your workforce: With an easy-to-use BI online tool, you’ll find business intelligence to be stress-free. Thanks to an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and no SQL knowledge being required, everyone in your organisation can benefit from powerful online BI reporting. Measuring performance, tracking productivity, and predicting trends with the help of a BI dashboard in minutes, not days, with everything they need at their fingertips. No matter the area, or department, you’ll find that every decision-making process in your organisation is strategic and data driven.
Advanced analytics: With various analytics options such as data mining, statistical analysis, predictive and prescriptive analytics, these solutions perform knowledge discovery needed to establish sustainable development.
Facilitate data management: Traditional means of data management required tons of manual work; and it could take the IT department from several hours to days to produce one report. With online BI tools including professional data connectors, you can connect all your internal and external data sources into one single point of access with just a few clicks. This will leave you plenty of time to focus on the important part of the analysis: extract actionable insights to boost your business performance.
Smart reporting: Business intelligence can be used in reporting practices to create effective strategies, bring about new information with the help of interactive reports that involve data visualisation, and an intuitive and comprehensive business dashboard.
Increased collaboration: By utilising online business intelligence, collaboration between departments, internal and external stakeholders become easy to process and share. A simple link or login enables users to access all the business data in one centralised point.
Cloud storage: Thanks to an online environment you don’t have to worry about dashboards or databases cluttering your own storage. Online BI tools are cloud-based and will store all your dashboards, presentations, and reports in their own servers. This also enables you to access your data from anywhere where there is an internet connection available.

Businesses of all sizes need a robust, reliable, and easy-to-use business intelligence solution now more than ever before. In an age where analytics is the key to a company’s success and the amount of data created and accumulated has reached unprecedented levels, it is crucial for decision-makers, strategists, and stakeholders to understand every aspect of their business. The importance of business intelligence in an online environment often is associated with cloud-based solutions that don’t require the complexity of instalment or large IT support or departments.

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Benefits of professional online BI tools

An online business intelligence software is an easy-to-use analytics tool designed to analyse your data in one central place. You can easily build meaningful tables, charts, and graphs out of your data and share your gained insights via dynamic BI reporting tools and KPI dashboards. Furthermore, you can continuously monitor your data and quickly perform ad-hoc analysis to make sure that you never miss a business opportunity again.

When it comes to online business intelligence tools, we know that the decision of whether or not to invest can be a complex one. However, there are several key benefits and features why BI Tools are an essential addition to your organisation:

Improve the quality and speed of the all-over decision-making: With powerful KPI reporting software that takes minutes to produce reports you’ll benefit from for weeks; powerful solutions can take some of the work out of decision making. By collating, compartmentalising, and ordering data into charts and graphs that show exactly what you need to know, your decision-making becomes streamlined and more accurate.
Address urgent issues and gain insight into growth: Taking advantage of business intelligence for financial analytics, market analysis, sales opportunities, customer segmentation, or retail analytics enables users to manage and manipulate a large volume of datasets without the need for advanced IT knowledge. Real-time data surfaces insights in almost unlimited ways; identifying growth areas and measuring your market position can be determined in just a few clicks. Additionally, a crisis can be instantly addressed, ad hoc reports generated in seconds, and further issues prevented.
Forecast the future and get the big picture: With the help of data visualisation and dashboards seniors and executives can view the overall company’s performance in an effective, big-picture, overview. Powered by Artificial intelligence technologies, data alerts are triggered if any business performance shows signs of anomalies, whether positive or negative, which gives you an edge in monitoring your success. On the other hand, predictive analytics algorithms will analyse your historical data to find trends and patterns to predict future outcomes in your performance. Multidimensional analytics that online BI tools offer, provide a dynamic overview of data that can be shared across departments and generated in seconds.
Benefit from real-time data: One of the kick-offs businesses face when dealing with their data is the fact that it needs to be constantly updated to extract new insights. Business intelligence online solutions provide you with real-time data that brings several benefits. On one hand, you will leave the pains of manually cleaning and updating your data, and on the other, you will always have at the tip of your hand the latest data available so you can extract fresh insights any time you want.
Visualise your data in an interactive way: Thanks to a user-friendly interface everyone in your organisation can create their own live dashboards and benefit from powerful BI online analysis. Armed with powerful data visualisations you can build your data storytelling in a compelling and understandable way. Your online dashboard includes several filtering options that will enable you to make your entire analysis process on one screen, leaving static presentations behind and way more time to extract the needed business insights.
Secure your data: Tactical data security management ensures that the company’s data is secured and encrypted in every phase, rest or in use. A range of data security measures and protocols are implemented to ensure the highest standards of data integrity and protection. Your online reports can be shared via a password-protected live URL and your dashboards can be set up with special viewing rights so that viewers will only have access to specific data from the dashboard. With professional online business intelligence tools security is ensured at all times.
Access your dashboards from anywhere: Another key benefit from business intelligence online tools is the fact that you can access your data from anywhere any time you need it. No matter if you are out of the office, or back home, all you need is a device with an internet connection and your data will be available to you. Dashboards adapt to the size of the screen so you can visualise it from your mobile phone, iPad, or computer.
Decrease business costs with SaaS: With subscription plans, the costs of installing an online BI software in comparison to an on-premises solution are much lower and adjustable to the specific business needs of a company. The scalable pricing models enable you to pay for a service that is fully kept up-to-date and regularly checked. Additional infrastructure costs are eliminated since online BI tools simply don’t have those issues. You are completely supported by the company that offers the tool.

Compared to other BI software solutions or advanced SQL query builder tools, working with datapine doesn’t require a BI expert or IT professional. Our mission is to make relevant data available to all respective individuals and teams in your company. This data can either be stored in your own database or be generated by different third-party providers such as Google Analytics or Salesforce.

Our easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface was developed together with a huge number of companies – from small startups to global players – to make sure that we provide intuitive and self-explanatory software. An intelligent abstraction layer in the tool translates your interactions into database queries, supported by our powerful proprietary analytical engines. Additionally, and unlike not many other reporting tools for SQL in the market, we developed smart algorithms that facilitate the SQL query building process and optimise its quality and speed. Often multi-dimensional SQL queries and the analysis of big datasets require expensive additional services of technicians as well as different software. In this case, datapine offers fast, all-embracing, and cheap online business intelligence software.


Easily share generated insights with our online business intelligence software

We know from our experience that in many companies only a fraction of employees has access to all the data they require to make sound business decisions. We empower management, business development, controlling, and marketing departments to finally generate queries and analysis with a drag-and-drop interface on their own. Usually, the restrictions are such that there is no appropriate business intelligence software in place or the person doesn’t possess the technical skills to access the database and make queries on his own. With datapine you can even conduct cohort analysis without any SQL knowledge, for example, to calculate customer retention over time or per acquisition channel.

Online business intelligence tools are proven to ramp-up your operational efficiency by saving time and IT resources. We know that time spent waiting for analysis results or reports is time wasted, so our KPI dashboard software gives you an instant overview of your data and provides automated dashboard reports and intelligence on-demand. All common databases can be integrated in under 10 minutes. Reports can be sent to colleagues instantly. This means no more searching for hours for information and no waiting in the IT queue. Moreover, your analysis results like tables and charts can be shared with the help of real-time BI dashboard tools that generate automated reports, shareable with your team and/or external stakeholders.

datapine’s SaaS BI tool enables you to observe your data and generate important business insights from wherever you are via the cloud. You can access datapine in either a web browser, but also with your smartphone or tablet device. We deliver this flexibility while maintaining high data privacy and security standards. Therefore, we have spent many resources to offer our users an enterprise-level security layer, like those used in core banking applications. Our online business intelligence software offers you an intuitive and easy way to develop your business, keeping you always up to date on what is going on in your business.

Find out what datapine’s business intelligence software tool can achieve for your organisation by signing up for our 14-day free trial – without any further obligations, or contact us for our BI consulting service. Test our smart software and you will experience first-hand how to make lasting changes that will drive your business in the right direction.

but don’t take our word for it...We were amazed how easy it was to use datapine and get the first KPIs within a couple of minutes. datapine is definitively a game changer for us as now all decision makers have quick, easy access to ad hoc analysis, KPI dashboards and reports.Sebastian Diemer, Founder at KreditechGO TO PRODUCT OVERVIEW
If you can visualise it, you can manage it.

Become a data wizard in less than 1 hour!

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