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KPI software is an analytical solution used to monitor, evaluate, and visualise key performance indicators with the help of interactive KPI dashboards. Like this, businesses can spot trends, and define targets to optimise performance and ensure constant growth.

Analysing and reporting all of your critical business metrics with a smart KPI dashboard software that enables you to stay on top of your performance, is one of the most crucial aspects of sustainable business development. The amount of data today is staggering – each day, there are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created, and worldwide, there are more than 5 billion web searches per day. In such an environment, it is almost impossible to have time to monitor and analyse every single business process in detail. You must be strategic about the metrics you choose to track. To help businesses with this purpose is that professional KPI dashboard tools were created. Let’s look at some of the business-boosting benefits of these solutions:

They save time: Key-Performance-Indicator (KPIs) presented on a meaningful KPI scorecard to enable you to prioritise information and continuously monitor whether you are on track to meet your business goals. KPIs provide a framework to analyse, manage and achieve desired business results without losing time on manually analysing every single piece of data available. With modern KPI management software, your analysis process is goals-driven and efficient.
Align departments: In data analysis communication is key, being able to understand the bigger picture of business performance is fundamental to ensure business growth. Due to the user-friendly nature of KPI software, it becomes easy to consolidate and harmonise different departments while connecting information between them to establish a sustainable business strategy. For example, selected KPIs from sales can be tracked and viewed by the marketing department, which, consequently, brings better collaboration.
Access to business insights and trends: They also give your entire organisation insights into current performance. Once you have established metrics that are aligned with your company strategy, using the right software that offers professional KPI reports, and aligns activities and outcomes with the desired strategic objective, you will get a clear understanding of the desired results. KPIs should be used for benchmarking, to measure progress and performance. You can use your data to benchmark internally, across departments or offices, or externally, to compare your company’s performance against others in your industry.
Multiple interactive data visualisations: A smart and easy-to-use KPI software enables you to visualise and share your numbers according to your individual needs. A well-designed dashboard software comes with integrated KPI dashboards that allow you to easily visualise your data in an interactive way. The human brain processes visual information way faster than numbers or text, considering these, a modern KPI dashboard software that is intuitive and user-friendly will empower everyone in your organisation to work with data for their decision-making process.

Choosing the right metrics is not a piece of cake. If you track too many of them at a time, your analysis will drown under data overload and become unexploitable. In data analysis in many cases “less is more” - so you want to choose the right metrics for the right insights, and work on the right KPI dashboards. Make your work easy, by utilising a simple yet powerful KPI software; but not only. In our resources pages, you can help yourself with more than 300 KPI examples classified by different industries, functions, and platforms, that we have also assembled in compelling dashboard examples - specialised, as well in one particular industry or function. Choosing and visualising the right data has never been as easy.

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Get highly flexible KPI dashboards

When you decide to monitor your business by collecting all the data you can and analysing it, KPI dashboards are a good option. The advantage of using these performance indicators to manage your business activities is that these numbers provide a crucial, transparent overview of success or failure, profitability, and mismanagement in your company. Whether you seek data on the Return On Investment (ROI) of different marketing campaigns or specific revenue performances for various products, with our smart dashboard software your dashboards are highly customisable and provide an overview of key figures at a glance. The dynamic dashboard reports offered by datapine’s smart analysis tool give you the ability to share data within seconds. The process is simple and easy, saving you time and resources in the long run. Share with smart reporting tools customised dashboards via URL or with automated Email reports. In either case, you will find the process smooth and straightforward, leaving more time for analysis and decision-making.

Additional benefits and unique features from using dynamic, interactive KPI dashboards include:

Uncover critical business issues: Tracking KPIs with the help of a dashboard provides a neat overview of the company’s or specific department’s performance, whether is related to productivity or safety. Issues can be spotted immediately thanks to artificial intelligence technologies. datapine’s intelligent data alerts signalise if any unexpected changes happen in your data, all you need to do is set predefined target values and the tool will immediately notify you if a goal is achieved or if any issues occur. Like this, you have full control over your data and can stay one step ahead at all times.
Cost and time-efficient: With interactive visualisations and the right online reporting software to track your KPIs, costs become easy to manage. Businesses can easily add their specific parameters into an existing dashboard template and don’t have to search for old spreadsheets or presentations. Additionally, the interactive nature of KPI dashboards, allows you to view all your most relevant data on one screen. Thanks to multiple filtering options, you can visualise your KPIs from diverse angles, rather you want to see specific time periods or a specific country, the possibilities are infinite and are available with just a few clicks.
All your metrics in one place: With each day, there is more and more data collected and stored, and businesses begin to struggle with how to track and perform analysis if their data is dispersed across different systems and departments. With a professional KPI software, all siloed data will be available from one place. Thanks to datapine’s powerful data connectors, you can connect all your most relevant data sources into one single point of access in just a matter of seconds, making cross-departmental communication easier, while managers can stay on top of their lines of business.
Advanced analytics: Traditional means of KPI reporting made it hard to extract the needed business insights in time. With KPI management software you will not only get fresh and actionable insights but will also take your data analysis one step further thanks to advanced analytical features. datapine’s integrated predictive analytics tools provide you a glance into the future by analysing your historical data and identifying patterns and trends to predict your future performance. This enables users to stay on top of tracked performance while decreasing the costs and risks of making mistakes.
Access data from everywhere: Accessibility is one of the prime benefits you get from a KPI dashboard solution. Thanks to the cloud environment of SaaS software, you can access your dashboards from anywhere and easily share your KPIs internally and with external stakeholders. The online dashboards are available via web browser, and on tablet and mobile devices, so you have access to your data regardless of your physical location. You will always have access to the right data at the right time and never miss a great business opportunity again.
Depth of insights: With the benefit of diving into details of specific KPIs, and interact with every single data in order to understand what drives the business or the department forward, every employee has the opportunity to evaluate their own success and managers have the flexibility to segment data, combine data sources, and slice between KPIs to create dynamic dashboards.

Connecting all your data in one central system and being able to exploit it at any time and from anywhere is no longer a hardship, thanks to datapine’s KPI dashboard solutions and templates. The intuitive dashboard interface guarantees user-friendly handling and rapid comprehension for both beginners and technically versed users. You don’t need to be an SQL query expert to drill down into your data and discover meaningful insights which will benefit your entire company. You can explore and visualise your KPIs using our intuitive drag & drop dashboard interface, which does not require any coding expertise. Use our data analysis tool to discover hidden opportunities inside your web data by connecting your various data connectors and sources within seconds. After your analysis, new strategies and efficiencies will be easier to define, KPIs clear and centralised, and your business will reap the benefits.

Our dashboards’ SaaS nature enables you to connect from everywhere, from any device, and work remotely, but also to work in concert with your colleagues who have shared access. That way, the duplication nightmare, conflicting versions of a single document, and synchronisation issues will be of the past. However, if you need it, can revoke or restrict the access granting you at any time.


Use our KPI dashboard software no matter your department or function

Dashboards are so efficient because they enable you to visualise all your crucial metrics in one glance. To do so, a KPI dashboard software is the solution that will ease your work. Your individual metrics provide important insights into the efficiency and effectiveness of your business activities as a whole, and for specific departments of your company like sales, marketing, or finance. Sales teams must track data related to their performance in real-time to recognise and capitalise on new opportunities. Our software can monitor everything from lead generation to individual performance, making sure you outsell the competition every single quarter.

Sales and marketing are just the tips of the iceberg. We created for you stunning KPI templates for different functions within a company (Marketing, Sales, Finance, Management, Human Resources, etc.) as well as for specific industries (Healthcare, Retail, Logistics, Manufacturing etc.), and platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Analytics, Zendesk, etc.). Check them out and get inspired! Every single department and project in your company can tailor datapine’s software for stunning KPI Dashboards and benefit from it. From there each department can easily share their metrics with management, providing them with a detailed overview so that they can best assess how each department contributes to meeting strategic goals. Management dashboards are ideal for the C-Suite as they provide a quick assessment of each department's performance. You value your privacy, and so do we. datapine recognises the security priority of this information. That is why all data is stored on dedicated servers in a highly secure server centre in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

datapine allows you to compare each of your defined targets with the latest figures. The flexibility of our KPI dashboard software is not only restricted to the ease of use and rapidity to handle - it also comes from its highly collaborative aspect. If unusual deviations occur, you will notice them immediately and be in a position to react instantly. You will recognise risks and chances for your business on time and never miss an opportunity again. With our KPI software, access and monitor your success indicators in real-time and make better informed data-driven decisions to achieve long-term goals.

If you want to test the best KPI software in the market, try our 14-day free trial now – you can either test with a sample database, or connect our software to your own. Discover how you and your organisation can benefit immediately from datapine’s KPI dashboard software and see for yourself why the next step for your business is just a few clicks away.

but don’t take our word for it...We were amazed how easy it was to use datapine and get the first KPIs within a couple of minutes. datapine is definitively a game changer for us as now all decision makers have quick, easy access to ad hoc analysis, KPI dashboards and reports.Sebastian Diemer, Founder at KreditechGO TO PRODUCT OVERVIEW
If you can visualise it, you can manage it.

Become a data wizard in less than 1 hour!

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