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Benefit from an online dashboard creator

A dashboard creator enables you to create and organise all your data on a single screen. Without writing a single line of code, the dashboard maker will allow you to consolidate your data, and share them with your colleagues, other departments or stakeholders. You can see selected examples and templates in our live dashboard section, where we have gathered instances from various industries, functions, and platforms.

A modern, professional online dashboard maker will enable you to:

See more than just facts and figures: Our tool connects to all common data sources such as databases, flat files, marketing analytics, social media, CRM/ERP systems, and helpdesk – to turn your raw data into something far more understandable for yourself and your colleagues. In under ten minutes you can connect all your data to datapine, and begin to get a clearer picture of current trends, key performance indicators, and other critical business insights. Additionally, our easy to access templates, which you can choose right after your login, provides an added feature for users who don’t want to spend a substantial amount of time to build their own dashboards.
Save time and resources: Cut out the middleman and take full control of your data. Before self-service business intelligence tools like datapine, companies needed IT specialists to analyse and monitor their data. Over the past decades, we have witnessed an increase in analytic maturity, as people are more and more used to manipulate data on a daily basis. Dashboard online systems have multiplied and their use is all the more widespread, thanks to that maturity. The possibility to become more independent and not rely all the time on IT departments is an attractive feature our dashboard generator holds both for IT and BI teams. Indeed, the IT that can often be overwhelmed with requests is now relieved from more tickets piling up, while the business intelligence department can gain the same results, much faster, all by itself with the help of easy-to-use MySQL reporting tools that can be used both by average business users and advanced IT specialists.
Easily share the results to your colleagues, after you have created stunning charts and structured them in interactive dashboards, which present your data in an understandable and engaging manner. And not just that, prepared demo dashboards and ready to use templates create also much faster data visualisation process if you don’t want to design one by yourself. Our dashboards may be shared with key decision makers in your company, and with our BI reporting tools you can set up automated reports for colleagues to read on a regular basis. Once the setup is complete, you do not have to worry about creating these again and again.
Utilise advanced features of the dashboard creator that offer a user-friendly interface and, additionally, cloud storage. Our cloud BI solution enables you to access your dashboards no matter your location. As long as you are on an internet enabled device, you can create charts, share insights, and send reports to your colleagues. Getting an objective view of your performance is a good groundwork to dialogue and alignment over certain processes and decisions. Dashboard online solutions also have the advantage to be shared at your will and at your wish: if you do not want certain colleagues or people outside of your business to access certain information, you can restrict the rights or customise the viewing options. This feature will aid you in your data-driven decision making, as you can have your finger on the pulse of what’s going on at all times.

If you can visualise it, you can manage it.

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Our dashboard creation process enables you to quickly make compelling charts that show all relevant information. In general, modern online dashboards are a powerful tool that will help you in your everyday business, as they are a convenient, easy-to-read one-page summary of the data analysis or key metrics you have led. They provide a handy overview of your work that you can easily share with anyone you want. datapine’ online dashboards have many more advantages:

Foster collaboration - Share with your colleagues dashboards and reports to the degree you want – at any time, stay in control of your information, and choose what you want to show.
Work remotely - From everywhere and from any device with a web interface or availability to the App store or iTunes. Our on-demand BI tool only requires you to sign in your datapine account.
Use an intuitive drag-and-drop interface - datapine’s dashboard generator does not require a sharp IT knowledge for you to build stunning charts and dashboards via drag & drop. Simply choose the type of data you need to integrate and drop into the desired field – the software does the rest.
Generate real-time dashboards - You will always be up-to-date and won’t need to permanently update your data sources thanks to the automatic synchronisation. Also, smart data alerts will give you real-time notification about any business anomaly.
Consolidate all your data - Connect all your databases to one single point and consolidate data in one place. Take advantage of cross-database queries. With easy-to-use data connectors, you will have access to all your business information from one, centralised point of access.
Monitor the metrics that matter - Watch the metrics that bring value to your business. By selecting the right KPIs, you can easily spot any notable change on your operational or strategic level. Take a look at our business dashboard examples that will provide you with an overview of business monitoring possibilities.
Benefit of an optional advanced SQL Query Box - For more advanced users, this feature of our online SQL editor enables you to put in SQL code manually, whether you’re an IT specialist, data analysts or data scientist looking to extract the most valuable insights from your analyses.

For our more experienced users, we also offer advanced chart options. With datapine’s dashboard creator software, you can add a secondary axis to your chart in a flash. Let’s say that you would like to prepare a report showing your monthly growth of customers and total revenue generated. Instead of making two different charts – one plotting revenue per month, and another plotting the number of customers, you could combine both datasets and add a secondary axis that allows you to see two values, even with a large data range, which normally would not show up with one axis. Presenting two types of data on a single chart is the best way to show correlations that your audience will immediately comprehend.

Our software also enables you to combine different chart types within a single chart with only one click. Taking the example above, let’s assume you typically show your monthly growth of customers and total revenue as a bar chart. If you want to switch the style and show the data as a line chart, you can do so instantly with the help of a modern dashboard maker. We think that it is important for you to be in charge of the visual performance of your charts, so we’ve made it easier than ever for you to make changes with one click.

Designed not just for advanced users, but for a typical business user in a small company or large enterprise, managers, c-level executives, or departmental employees, these interactive dashboards help you to easily manipulate with a large volume of data. Once you connect your data sources, you can easily choose one of our dashboard templates, or start creating your own. Another possibility is to request a POC, an effortless way to get your individual dashboard in a product demo after you submit your data and specific requirements. The beauty of these dashboards lies not just within a carefully designed interface, but also as a powerful engine that drives sustainable business development.



Through stunning visuals, improved sharing ability, and real-time data, our online data visualisation tool has revolutionised the ways that you can report data. Our dashboard maker combines power and flexibility to bring your key metrics together so you can run a better, more data-driven business. There are many KPI examples you can choose from, and by monitoring the metrics that matter for your business is no longer a hardship nor a reports-accumulation burden. With our KPI dashboard software, you can generate reports on the fly and use our dashboard templates to tell powerful data stories. Do not leave your data potential untapped and make it valuable by having at the same time the big picture and the small details you need to make better-informed decisions. Stunning charts, endless features, robust reporting options from a tool that consolidates the work between departments, empowers your presentations or alarms you when business anomalies occur, ensure a smooth data-driven approach to each business area of a company.

And not just that, we now offer more options to customise your dashboard than ever before. You can choose among up to 14 different chart types that each has their specificities, providing you with even more customisation options: number, tables, bar, columns, map, tables, gauge, scatter plot, stacked bars, spider web, pie or line charts, the choice is yours. You have the ability to change all font sizes, colours, and styles, and apply global style options, from titles to labels to legends.

Add your corporate colours to incorporate your branding into your designs or embed datapine into your own solution. You can change any background colour, the colours in the chart themselves, and even borders and gridlines. Those colours are filtered through to every chart in the dashboard in a matter of seconds. As a side help, you can also choose among our pre-defined colour themes, chosen for their harmony and designed by our data visualisation specialists.

You can also add images, including your logo, to further enhance your branding - an especially impressive touch when sharing your dashboards with external stakeholders. Likewise, for another personal touch, you can also personalise your online dashboards to your clients’ colours, and generate that way an immediate bond. Our customised approach and years of experience enabled us to help our customers in every step of creating their own data story, and generating invaluable insights.

The best part is that you can try our dashboard creator tool for yourself with our 14-day free trial! Use this time to learn how datapine can give you independence from your IT department and increase your entire company’s productivity.

but don’t take our word for it...We were amazed how easy it was to use datapine and get the first KPIs within a couple of minutes. datapine is definitively a game changer for us as now all decision makers have quick, easy access to ad hoc analysis, KPI dashboards and reports.Sebastian Diemer, Founder at KreditechGO TO PRODUCT OVERVIEW
If you can visualise it, you can manage it.

Become a data wizard in less than 1 hour!

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