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Connect with your data

If you have multiple databases, data saved in external applications or an indefinite number of spreadsheets, you’ve come to the right place. Our goal is to make it as convenient as possible for you to combine and understand all your data.

We’ve made data integration easy. It will take you minutes instead of months to get set up with datapine. We have native connectors to almost any relational database, Google Analytics, Google Spreadsheets, SAP ERP/BW and many more. Having secure access to dispersed data combined in one location is simple and just a few clicks away.

We want to take some work off you by making data gathering an easy task. You will not need to manipulate or heavily restructure your information. It is safe and you will remain in full control over your data as you know it.

No matter where your data is stored, you can connect it to datapine within minutes. Start analyzing, visualising and validating your assumptions from day one.

start communicatiNG your data with state of the art dashboards see dashboards

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Explore your data

datapine's enterprise-grade software is built to make data discovery simple. We believe you don’t need to be a data scientist to understand your own business information. Likewise, you shouldn’t rely on an IT department to answer your business assumptions.

Our comprehensive tool empowers you to drag-and-drop items to visualise clean analytics. With usability in mind, you can create a huge range of charts and tables such as geographic maps, Gauge charts, line charts for trends or advanced scattering plots.

Flexible charts are yours to tweak. They'll help you understand trends in your business too. With a wide choice of chart and display options you immerse yourself data in any format. Plus, advanced features let you understand your data better with a range of tools like our SQL box or Expression Library.

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Monitor your data

Static data has its time and place, but to understand all the layers of your data you need interactive dashboards.

Our interactive dashboards allow you to filter down to what you need and help confirm your intuition before taking action. This also means we make it easy to see most vital information at a glance. datapine is browser-based and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime you need it.

Dashboards tell a story, and we want you to see how your unique story evolves as time goes by. For example, you will be able to notice overall historic trends or specific patterns within a certain segment using our global filter.

Once you have your dashboards up and running they’ll shortly become indispensable. All dashboards are fully customizable so you can monitor your metrics in a way tailored to your business needs. Be at one with your data and better understand what's going on.

start communicatiNG your data with state of the art dashboards See dashboards come to life

Share your data

Across your company, different people might have different ideas of how things are progressing. This can be avoided by efficient communication of information. Instead of sharing your insights in meetings, use datapine and provide all key personnel access to relevant metrics in real-time.

datapine is easy-to-use and can be operated by basically everyone. Empower you team to access and explore all kind of data sets, identify trends and set up individual reports.

The reports are dynamic and available via URL or as download in PNG, PDF or CSV format. At any time, you will have full control of all access rights and ensure that each person only sees the data that he is supposed to.

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datapine wins the hearts of business users here are their stories
Derrick Miller | Fog Creek

"Importing CRM data dump allowed us to quickly visualise and segment our data for analysis."
Marvin Hoogeboom | VMS Insights

"datapine's solution did not disappoint us: we had some serious challenges with very complex data sets and their team really helped us out."
Eeva Vuiorinen | PBI Research

"datapine allows access to visualised real­time data to us and our customers – hence we can spend our time implementing the results."
Sebastian Diemer | Kreditech

"We were amazed how easy it was to use datapine and get the first KPIs within a couple of minutes."
Morten Laerkholm | Transporteca

"datapine makes it easy and fun to do reporting, presenting complex data into beautiful dashboards."
Martin Älenmark | Optiqo

"We use a white labeled version of datapine to better visualise the data that our hygiene management system captures. This data enables our clients to ensure their facilities are always clean and hygienic."
Kai Hansen | Lieferando

"With its unique combination of scalability, ease-of-use and functionality, datapine changed the way we analyse our data."
Moritz Klussmann | Customer Alliance

"Thanks to datapine we are able to review all relevant customer data and react on trends and opportunities much faster."
Mathie Vanden Bulcke | JSR Micro

"The combination of a supportive team and a powerful tool make Datapine an amazing solution to monitor the KPIs in our company."
If you can visualise it, you can manage it.

Become a data wizard in less than 1 hour!

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