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Sales reporting software is a management tool used by sales reps, professionals and VPs to generate comprehensive reports for selected KPIs while utilising a modern sales dashboard that increases the efficiency of the sales department and, ultimately, profit. No matter the size of a company, today’s data ingestion caused significant challenges that made organisations re-organise and reconsider their business strategies and resources‘ allocation. The amount of data collected, stored, and analysed increased on an astonishing level, and sales reps as well as managers or VPs, need to act swiftly and agile to ensure continuous business growth. Sales are not easy; from cold calling to strategising, the responsibility of the whole department is enormous. That said, the search for best sales reporting tools is often the focal point of many sales pros that need reliable, modern, and easy-to-use solutions. Although traditional spreadsheets are still vastly used across the board, it doesn’t mean they’re the best possible solution to manage all the sales information a company collects and needs to analyse. When you add the need to timely and effectively report findings, countless hours become lost, causing increment of costs and resources.

These cases can easily be resolved with efficient sales reporting software for small businesses and large enterprises alike. A business reporting software can easily consolidate all sales information the team needs to track, whether on a daily, weekly, monthly or custom basis. Turning to professional solutions that will automate the whole reporting process and enable sales reps and professionals to focus on what really matters is not just a requirement for today’s businesses, but for future ones as well. The ever-changing structure of sales processes need firm reporting solutions that will not disrupt current operations, but provide added value. That’s why modern solutions such as dashboard software are becoming a standard in sales operations. Reporting is automated, data available in real-time, interactions with the screen at your fingertips, and accessibility incomparable.

The goal of every sales professional is to turn a lead into a customer. But to achieve that, having the right data at the right time is essential. Instead of endless searching for the right information, sales tools for sales reps have the power to cut down the time needed to confirm information or generate a report that will enable them to be better prepared for a future meeting with a prospect.

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Finding the best online sales reporting software should be focused on the best possible features considering the budget at hand. There are numerous tools that you can utilise in your reporting practice, such as Excel, but they will not give you any possibility to look at your data in real-time or to interact with the screen with drill-downs, for example. Traditional tools will never be able to offer you these benefits:

Sales information in real-time: As mentioned, access to real-time data is crucial when it comes to making quick sales decisions that could lead to closing a deal or upselling a product. With the help of the best BI tools that provide automatic updates of the data and instant access to numerous filters and features, the reporting can be simply adjusted based on the business question at hand. Comparing your datasets with previous periods to see how performance has changed doesn’t need to include manual exports or calculations. The whole pipeline can be seen from a single screen, instantly.
Automated reporting: If you need to schedule reports on a certain time interval, modern tools got you covered. By simply selecting the recipients and the desired schedule, information is automatically sent by the report software for sales – with fresh data each time. Whether it’s about sharing the whole dashboard, exporting to a .pdf or simply sending a link of your work, the possibilities of these tools are suited for any sales case you might have. Does the client need weekly data? Arrange it with just a few clicks. Do you need a specific content of each report? Assign a filter and send the report to designated recipients.
SaaS 24/7/365: This benefit is crucial in sales where you need access to data anytime, from anywhere. SaaS solutions enable you to connect, store and access your data on the cloud, without limitations of on-premise solutions that would require support from the IT department. You need to simply login to your account, and your reports are there, no matter if you use desktop, laptop or tablet devices. The only requirement is an Internet connection and you can explore the data on your own. Your storage will, therefore, remain uncluttered, and your productivity certainly increase.
Robust visualisations: Having huge databases full of figures can lead to incorrect interpretation by simply losing your focus on all those numbers and rows and cost you precious time and, ultimately, money. By investing into an efficient report tool for sales, that can provide you with substantial visualisations in the form of interactive charts, keeping track of most important sales KPIs will become a fast and fun task that doesn’t include hundreds of data rows, but stunning visualisations which you can build on your own or use from the templates library. Whether you need to monitor sales growth, acquisition costs, churn rates or average sales cycle length, visualisations will make your processes much easier and support you in every step of your reporting needs.
Forecasting the future: In sales, it is important to know what will happen. And yes, no one has magical powers to guarantee that a certain scenario will happen 100%. But modern sales BI forecasting engines can help to determine the most likely sequence of events which can definitely help in evaluating and building your next sales strategy. If you need to forecast how many deals you are going to close in the next 6 months, the engine can calculate based on your historical and current data, visualising calculations into a simple, yet mighty graph.

These are some of the benefits that the best sales reporting software have on offer. To get the most out of your sales efforts, you need supreme solutions that will support your reporting practice and assist you in this competitive, yet rewarding field.



Whereas traditional spreadsheets have done a respectable job in the past, these days there is just too much data generated to be able to effectively manage and report on it. Especially in sales, where each member of the team, no matter the level of experience, needs access to data – yesterday. A sales team reporting software can prove to be beneficial to everyone, giving different stakeholders access to data that would, otherwise, stay unintentionally hidden. Each team member can access the same dashboard and report and improve communication across the board.

That’s why datapine is voted as one of the best dashboard tools, and we continue to deliver the best possible experience for our customers. Complex data analysis doesn’t need to be complex with datapine. Our powerful sales reporting solution brings all sales touchpoints under a single data-roof and ensures that our simple drag-and-drop interface serves as an intuitive and invaluable tool for fast, reliable, easy and visual management of data. Reporting doesn’t need to be a tedious and long-lasting task anymore. With mentioned features such as automation, a comprehensive report can be built in seconds. Sharing is even easier: you can simply send a link that is protected by a password, give your colleague viewer access with specifically selected features s/he can use or embed the dashboard into your own application.

This modern and flexible way of working has proven to be efficient in numerous cases that we have worked on and continue to support. Our tool can help in detailed reporting of all sales activities a company demands, whether through utilising daily sales report software, weekly, monthly or even structured for custom needs. Long gone are days of endless scrolling and manual data management, reporting software for sales such as datapine disrupt the usage of traditional spreadsheets and provide time and cost savings like never before.

but don’t take our word for it...We were amazed how easy it was to use datapine and get the first KPIs within a couple of minutes. datapine is definitively a game changer for us as now all decision makers have quick, easy access to ad hoc analysis, KPI dashboards and reports.Sebastian Diemer, Founder at KreditechGO TO PRODUCT OVERVIEW
If you can visualise it, you can manage it.

Become a data wizard in less than 1 hour!

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