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Cover your bases with our analytics software for startups

Every ambitious startup looking to streamline its workflow will find many benefits in using our startup software. Whether you belong to a new company looking to make a mark in the tech industry, or a bigger enterprise forging a new path with your data, datapine’s BI tool could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

While large enterprise-scale applications can often run high on costs, our software for startups doesn’t have to. With a data visualisation package that doesn’t require any installation or ongoing maintenance costs, datapine’s solution offers many benefits for companies like startups.

Businesses looking for a leg-up in their operations are always looking for the best startup tools. With so much analytics power available to you at a reasonable price, datapine offers a top-notch data visualisation software capable of revolutionizing your company’s data analysis.

When using datapine as your self-service BI solution, rest assured that there are no setup fees, no need to download software to get started and no maintenance or update costs to contend with. There has never been a better time to consider using a SaaS tool like datapine’s. With little effort, startup software can turn a set of resource-intensive operations into a more effectively managed and streamlined process. Will all of the benefits of BI reporting, companies ranging from small startups all the way to medium-sized enterprises are able to take giant leaps with their data. By summoning the power of datapine’s easy-to-use interface, users can simply drag and drop the information they want visualised into charts, which can then be added to dashboards and shared with clients and colleagues.

If you can visualise it, you can manage it.

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Why you should turn to innovative startup analytics tools?

As businesses look to leverage the power and convenience of cloud computing, SaaS BI has become an important part of startup tools. With a greater number of departments involved in and required to play a role towards these processes, self-service business intelligence tools like the one datapine offers are quickly growing in demand. Have you wondered what all the fuss is about? When searching for tools for startups, one question that should be asked is: will this be a value-add, or a resource-draining exercise? With datapine, users can try before they buy so there are no doubts about what the value-add proposition of our product will be.

All startups – young and old – can benefit from being armed with the right applications to achieve their goals. If you haven’t considered the benefits of top-class data analytics software, and you know there is room for improvement, then this could be your time to do it. Not only can you try our software with no obligations, but you get the most important functionality right away to see if this is one of the startup tools that suits your needs.

One of the most powerful elements making datapine’s software so appealing to startups and other businesses is our SQL query builder. No longer do you need to rely on IT specialists to perform complex SQL queries, rather, let datapine’s powerful software do the heavy lifting so you can focus more resources on what matters – actually analysing your company data.

To get the most out of your analysis, you need the best tools around. With datapine’s tool creating SQL code for you, the hard labor of querying your database is taken care of. Take control of your startup software solutions and try out our powerful data visualisation software.


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Growth in the technology industry brings growth to the breadth and quality of software for startups. Power really is in the hands of companies like startups looking to become hot property using a lean business model. Getting more out of your software for less is the key to doing this.

Without needing huge resources, for example, a young startup can begin SQL reporting with datapine. Simply drag the data you want to drill down, drop it onto the relevant axis and create charts in minutes. This way, generating dashboards and reports can be managed with speed. Performing an SQL query is an exercise usually reserved for programming language specialists in the IT department. Not any longer. Practically anyone can query an SQL database with our SQL query builder.

Only the best tool will do the job. The most effective and efficient software doesn’t have to be the most expensive or resource-heavy. As datapine can show you, our software is competitively priced and offers convenient database analysis without the need to be an IT expert. You could be up-and-running in minutes.

So what are you waiting for? To find out more about how our product operates and how you could be performing SQL queries without needing to be a SQL expert, sign up for a free 14-day trial. Now is the time to migrate your company to quality startup software that could change the way your company visualises and analyses data.

but don’t take our word for it...We were amazed how easy it was to use datapine and get the first KPIs within a couple of minutes. datapine is definitively a game changer for us as now all decision makers have quick, easy access to ad hoc analysis, KPI dashboards and reports.Sebastian Diemer, Founder at KreditechGO TO PRODUCT OVERVIEW
If you can visualise it, you can manage it.

Become a data wizard in less than 1 hour!

Email address required
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