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What are the benefits of management reporting tools?

Every business owner, manager and department head is sure to agree that management reports are crucial to living up to that old adage that knowledge is power. But in today’s information age, knowledge alone is not enough to remain successful. Every company has facts and figures, gathering data of all size - with so much data accumulated on a daily basis, how do you ensure that you are pulling the knowledge you need from the available pool? And how can you be certain that you are acting, reacting and being pro-active to changes in employee, client and market behavior?

Data needs context, and needs to be correctly understood, otherwise it will be of no help but a waste of time and energy. This is where datapine’s innovative dashboard builder and intuitive system really come into their own. Incredibly powerful, truly responsive and utterly bespoke, any organisation of any size can use datapine to help accomplish major business goals and monitor day-to-day activity. By connecting the different departments of your business, you have a global overview of how things are going, from supply chain efficiency to sales conversion. Management reporting tools like datapine’s lets you see how your various divisions are working together, providing valuable insights on the health of your business while helping you fixing what needs to be, and improve what can be improved. Such overview places your data into its global context, which lets you take not only decisions that are better informed, but also better aligned with the various strategies in place.

The goals of management reporting are manifold. With our software, you can create reports via an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. This will help you and key stakeholders to generate management reports to help accomplish certain key management tasks. The traditional, time-consuming reporting methods are of the past, and we are here to help you update them. In using our efficient management reporting software, you gain precious time and can allocate tasks with a greater added value to your best assets - no one likes to see high skilled employees wasting their potential on formatting reports that will have outdated data by the time it gets to top management.

Dig into the various KPI examples we put at your disposal and choose the ones you need to track for your area of business. Once you have them all, bring them to life into powerful business dashboards that present a clear outlook for you to prioritise your next decisions.

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Why datapine’s management reporting software?

So, how can datapine’s software assist your business and make a tangible difference at operational level?

Maintain day-to-day business management: Using datapine as a management reporting tool to control your activitiy is quick and easy. KPI reporting is seamless, structured and stress-free. You can use management reports to structure relevant metric graphs and tables into dashboards and then share the dashboards with selected receivers. Automating the reports means that managers can make day-to-day decisions based on the most recent and accurate figures, all presented in a timely manner and accessible from any location.
Motivate via a regular management report: As datapine reports can be scheduled and shared with staff members, you can use the report to demonstrate progress towards goals and targets. Whether this is the sales team proximity to deals closed or the customer care team’s improved response times, a KPI dashboard can be used to keep all staff members engaged and motivated. With regular access to these performance measures, operational managers are also given the data assets they need to keep employees on track.


Start with the right management reporting tool

Consistent, accessible and transparent, datapine makes the production of dashboard reporting less stressful and more useful, helping to make a real difference to productivity and contributing to driving objectives forwards. A management reporting software is quite a strategic tool in your everyday activities. Reporting is a crucial part of management as teams need to be aware and on the same level when they collaborate. Let your colleagues be up to date on the processes, status, progresses made or on the performance: communication is key in every aspect of your business.

Besides, the use of a management reporting tool ensures data integrity: the amount of data produced every day on so many platforms makes it difficult to filter, gather, read and analyse as a whole. Being able to work on real-time data makes your dashboards not only dynamic but also always up-to-date at any time, letting you adjust your strategies and goals accordingly. The insights you will gain from your data analysis will consequently be more accurate and you will avoid synchronisation problems and delays. Another advantage of using a management reporting software is that the data you are working on will be better organised - facilitating the work as your teams can easily filter the useful information from the rest, and be more productive in the end. Moreover, sharing your reports is easier than ever, as well as working collaboratively on it: you can grant the access to different degrees (viewing, editing, etc) to people with whom you want to share your work, but remain in full control on the access granted and can revoke or restrain it at any time.

With complete control and the ease and speed with which new databases can be integrated, reports are pinpoint accurate, timely and detailed. Importantly, thanks to a robust security system and individual user access options, reports can be accessed online 24 hours a day by colleagues with relevant credentials, meaning the management team does not all need to be located in the same office or even in the same time zone for critical reports to be available and accessible.

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but don’t take our word for it...We were amazed how easy it was to use datapine and get the first KPIs within a couple of minutes. datapine is definitively a game changer for us as now all decision makers have quick, easy access to ad hoc analysis, KPI dashboards and reports.Sebastian Diemer, Founder at KreditechGO TO PRODUCT OVERVIEW
If you can visualise it, you can manage it.

Become a data wizard in less than 1 hour!

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