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What are the benefits of management reporting tools?

Every business owner, manager, and department head is sure to agree that professional management reports are crucial to living up to that old adage that knowledge is power. But in today’s information age, knowledge alone is not enough to remain successful. Every company has facts and figures, gathering data of all sizes - with so much data accumulated on a daily basis, how do you ensure that you are gathering the knowledge you need from the available pool? And how can you be certain that you are acting, reacting, and being proactive to changes in employee, client, and market behaviour? The answer is professional business management reporting software, and below, we will discuss some of its main benefits:

Monitor all your departments: One of the prime benefits of investing in a management tool is getting a global overview of how things are going, from supply chain efficiency to sales conversion. Management reporting tools let you see how your various departments are working together, providing valuable insights on the health of your business while helping you fix what needs to be, and improve what can be improved. Such an overview places your data into its global context, which lets you make not only decisions that are better informed, but also better aligned with the various strategies in place.
Create reports fast and efficiently: The traditional, time-consuming reporting methods are from the past, and modern management reporting software is here to help you update them. In using these efficient solutions, you gain precious time and can allocate tasks with a greater added value to your best assets - no one likes to see highly skilled employees wasting their potential on formatting reports that will have outdated data by the time it gets to top management. By investing in professional KPI reporting tools your reports will be created automatically in an online environment, leaving the pains of manual reporting in the past.
Enhance communication: Being able to communicate key information via a professional management dashboard to partners, investors, customers, or employees is one of the main purposes of a management reporting application. Investing in a modern management reporting solution will give visibility to all the different activities and performances of the business. As a result, internal communication will be significantly increased as everyone will be on the same page regarding the business scenario, and productivity will be increased by finding growth opportunities and sport potential inefficiencies on time.
Smarter resource allocation: These modern solutions provide organisations with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions and generate successful strategies. This allows for a smarter allocation of monetary and workforce-related resources toward achieving company goals. In the past, a lot of resources were wasted because of poorly informed strategies. With modern management reporting software, you’ll get access to fresh insights 24/7, allowing you to spot any issues before they can cost the business money and time.
Implement a data-driven culture: In the past, reports were only meant for IT specialists that took a long time to manually create them. Modern management solutions are user-friendly and will empower everyone in your business to leverage the power of data for their decision-making process. In the long run, getting accurate insights based on real data and not human intuition, will implement a data-driven culture across the entire organisation, leading to a sustainable business growth as well as a competitive advantage.
Get a competitive advantage: Just gathering data is not enough to stand out in this increasingly competitive business landscape. Professional reports and tools provide the perfect environment to take your data one step further and extract the insights that will skyrocket your performance. In time, you’ll be able to make decisions based on our current and historical insights and set your company apart from competitors.

The goals and benefits of management reporting are manifold. Investing in modern software allows you to create reports via an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. This will help you and key stakeholders to generate management reports to help accomplish certain key management tasks. And not just that, the user-friendly nature of these tools will enable any employee to implement interactive reports into their daily workflows regardless of their technical knowledge. This is an invaluable benefit, as many organisations fail in their analytical efforts due to a lack of adoption from the entire workforce.

As you’ve learned by now, these solutions provide organisations with the necessary tools to manage their data efficiently. Thanks to interactive functionalities, you no longer need to worry about manually gathering, cleaning, and manipulating your most important business information. The tool will do all the heavy work for you, eliminating the risk of human error and leaving you enough time to focus on analysing the data and extracting valuable insights. Let’s explore some key features you can benefit from in the next portion of the article.

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Why datapine’s management reporting software?

Data needs context to be correctly understood. Otherwise, it will be of no help but a waste of time and energy. This is where datapine’s innovative dashboard builder and intuitive system really come into their own. Incredibly powerful, truly responsive, and utterly bespoke, any organisation of any size can use datapine to help accomplish major business goals and monitor day-to-day activity. So, how can datapine’s software assist your business and make a tangible difference at an operational and strategic level?

Maintain day-to-day business management: Using datapine as a management reporting tool to control your activity is quick and easy. KPI reporting is seamless, structured, and stress-free. You can use management reports to structure relevant metric graphs and tables into dashboards and then share them with selected receivers. This enables managers to make day-to-day decisions based on the most recent and accurate figures.
Motivate via a regular management report: As datapine reports can be scheduled and shared with staff members, you can use the report to demonstrate progress towards goals and targets. Whether this is the sales team’s proximity to deals closed or the customer care team’s improved response times, a KPI dashboard can be used to keep all staff members engaged and motivated. With regular access to these performance measures, operational managers are also given the data assets they need to keep employees on track.
Connect all your data sources: As mentioned above, a modern management reporting application will connect all your departments for a more collaborative environment. This can be achieved by giving everyone in the organisation access to the data they need to support their decision-making process. With datapine’s professional data connectors, all your databases can be connected to one single access point within seconds. From MySQL, Oracle, Amazon, CRM systems, and third-party data providers, to simple flat files, you’ll have immediate access to all your information which you can then visualise in an interactive online dashboard.
Safely share your data: A fundamental part of management is making sure that everyone gets the data they need. However, having access to all the data available can be confusing and dangerous as you don’t want to grant access to all your business confidential information. With datapine’s management reporting tool sharing your reports is easier and safer than ever: you can grant access to your dashboards with different viewing rights (viewing, editing, etc.) to people with whom you want to share your work, but remain in full control on the access granted and can revoke or restrain it at any time. Additionally, reports can be shared via a live URL that is password protected for extra safety.
Real-time data and automated reports: It’s a known fact that static reports that need to be manually updated will not make the cut in this data-driven era. By the time a report is manually done, the information on it might no longer be useful. With datapine’s professional management reporting software, this is a problem of the past. The tool will automatically update your reports as soon as new data is available, and will autogenerate reports and send them to specific recipients at whatever time you predefine. Like this, everyone always has fresh business insights available to work with.
Access data from anywhere: With datapine’s report management software you are no longer tight to a specific document. Thanks to the cloud environment of SaaS software, you can access all your reports from wherever you are on any device that has an internet connection. Rather you are in a business meeting out of the office, or on the train traveling to another location, your data will always be available for you 24/7. Plus, your dashboards and reports can be easily adapted to the screen size of your device, displaying only the most important data. That way, you’ll ensure your data is still visible and the analytical experience is not affected.
Customise your reports: As mentioned earlier, the basis of successful business analytics relies on full organisational adoption. A great way to do that is to offer employees a familiar environment to work with the data. datapine’s professional software provides white labelling features that enable you to customise the entire design of your report to meet your company’s branding. You can add your own logo, font, colour palette, and more, to ensure your reports look familiar to employees and professional to clients or other external stakeholders.
Explore your data through interactivity: Interactivity is the driving force of our professional management reporting system. We offer our users a range of interactive filters that enables them to navigate into lower levels of data, change the time period being analysed, and filter the entire report to explore a specific value in more detail, among other things. This gives them the power to interact with their data in a centralised location and answer any questions that arise without the need to generate multiple reports.

Dig into the various management KPIs we put at your disposal and choose the ones you need to track for your area of business. Once you have them all, bring them to life into powerful business dashboards that present a clear outlook for you to prioritise your next decisions.


Start with the right management reporting tool

Consistent, accessible, and transparent, datapine makes the production of dashboard reporting less stressful and more useful, helping to make a real difference to productivity and driving objectives forwards. A management reporting software is quite a strategic tool in your everyday activities. Reporting is a crucial part of management as teams need to be aware and on the same level when they collaborate. Let your colleagues be up to date on the processes, progress made, or the company's overall performance: communication is key in every aspect of your business.

Paired with that, the use of a management reporting tool ensures data integrity: the amount of data produced every day on so many platforms makes it difficult to filter, gather, read, and analyse as a whole. Being able to work on real-time data makes your dashboards not only dynamic but also always up to date at any time, letting you adjust your strategies and goals accordingly. The insights you will gain from your data analysis will consequently be more accurate, and you will avoid synchronisation problems and delays. Another advantage of using business management reporting software is that the data you are working on will be better organised - facilitating the work as your teams can easily filter the useful information from the rest, and be more productive in the end.

The intuitive interface these tools provide enables anyone, regardless of their technical skills, to generate reports in a matter of minutes and use them to evaluate their performance. Even better, if a user doesn’t feel comfortable with generating a dashboard or simply doesn’t have the time, they can access our library containing 100+ business dashboard templates for different functions and departments. All they need to do is select the desired template and they will be ready to analyse critical KPIs in just seconds.

With complete control and the ease and speed with which new databases can be integrated, reports are pinpoint, accurate, timely and detailed. Importantly, thanks to a robust security system and individual user access options, reports can be accessed online 24 hours a day by colleagues with relevant credentials, meaning the management team does not all need to be located in the same office or even in the same time zone for critical reports to be available and accessible.

Want to find out more or try datapine for yourself? We offer a no-commitment and no cost 14-day free trial. Sign up online to get started with your next management report now, or contact us for more information.

but don’t take our word for it...We were amazed how easy it was to use datapine and get the first KPIs within a couple of minutes. datapine is definitively a game changer for us as now all decision makers have quick, easy access to ad hoc analysis, KPI dashboards and reports.Sebastian Diemer, Founder at KreditechGO TO PRODUCT OVERVIEW
If you can visualise it, you can manage it.

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