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Much faster and easier than data analysis in Excel

Have you ever performed data analysis in Excel? While most people are familiar with Microsoft Excel, just a few of them know how to extract data from a database, making this tool segregated only to people with the needed technical skills. While Excel is a popular tool that has been used for analysis and reporting for decades, it can no longer compete with the rise of business intelligence and self-service tools that are accessible and user-friendly. At datapine, we designed a self-service BI solution that doesn’t require more than a basic knowledge of Microsoft Office for advanced data analysis in Excel and is mostly operated via an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that translates user interactions in SQL. Easily access and explore your data, then filter and structure it before exporting the resulting dataset to Microsoft Excel in just a few minutes.

Some extra benefits of using a BI tool for your Excel data analysis are:

Agile decision-making: Traditional Excel analytics often takes time. First, you need to perform the analysis and then visually prepare the results with an Excel dashboard or a static PowerPoint presentation. Considering that in today’s fast-paced world, the data is needed for yesterday, all the time it takes to perform the analysis in Excel might not be worth it. With modern BI tools, data management has never been easier. All your information from several sources can be visualised in one single dashboard that can be filtered depending on the analytical scenario and the needed data. Through this, you don’t need to wait hours or days to get your information, as it will automatically be available for you with just a few clicks.
Real-time insights: As we mentioned, the static nature of Excel data analysis makes them less efficient and more expensive since, by the time a report is done, the data might already be outdated. datapine’s BI reporting tool offers professional data connectors so you can connect all your data sources into one single point of access with just a few clicks. After all your sources are connected, you don’t need to worry about manually updating the data since the tool will automatically add the latest information available so you can work with real-time data from wherever you are.
Accessibility: One of the main setbacks from performing data analysis in Excel is the fact that it is segregated only to people with specific skills. datapine is one of the easiest solutions you can find to filter and pre-aggregate data without any SQL knowledge and export the resulting datasets to Excel. A crucial advantage of datapine, compared to data analysis using Excel, is the intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Everybody using Excel for data analysis will find it much easier to handle our tool and will be surprised by the smart functions. This will empower everyone in your organisation to leverage the power of data analysis. In the long run, a data-driven culture will be implemented in your business.
Increased efficiency: As mentioned above, one of the biggest setbacks of performing data analysis using Excel is the amount of work it takes to manage the tool. Modern BI tools provide automation features that enable users to automate the entire analysis process, from data collection to cleaning to the actual generation of reports. This enables them to save countless hours of work that can be invested in other important tasks, such as extracting valuable insights from the data and acting on them to ensure continuous business growth.
Less risky: Due to the large amount of manual work needed for the data analysis Excel process, the risk of human error is high as data needs to be cleaned and manipulated constantly. Modern reports created with a BI reporting tool are automated, leaving the pains of manual reporting in the past and considerably mitigating the risk of errors. All you need to do is connect your data sources, choose your most relevant KPIs, and schedule a time for your reports to be generated. With just a few clicks, you will gain access to fresh insights for successful decision-making.
Online environment: he online nature of modern analytics tools enables users to easily share their dashboards with different areas and departments to ensure everyone is aligned with the latest developments. This is an invaluable benefit, as effective communication and collaboration are the basis of a successful organisational analytics approach. Being able to perform a collaborative online analysis of Excel data ensures every single employee can work towards achieving the same company goals boosting efficiency and productivity.

When performing analytics using Excel working simultaneously with reports is not possible. The cloud nature of modern self-service BI tools and online dashboards makes sharing critical information with colleagues or relevant stakeholders easier than ever. Interdepartmental collaboration is enhanced with interactive reporting tools such as datapine, making your entire decision-making process more efficient by involving all relevant stakeholders.

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Drag and drop rather than data analysis using Excel

Of course, datapine’s online reporting software offers a huge set of functionalities to save and monitor the generated charts in real-time dashboards or share your insights using automated reporting guidelines. That being said, the true value that our tool presents over Excel relies mostly on accessibility. datapine offers its users an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that enables anyone, regardless of technical skills, to integrate data and analytics into their daily work. All they need to do is select the desired KPIs, drop them on the editor, and select any desired filters or customisation elements, and in just a few clicks, they will have a fully functioning dashboard for professional online data analysis.

Here we present some of the most prominent features that make our tool the most efficient Excel alternative for data analysis:

Access your data from everywhere: The SaaS nature of datapine allows you to access your data from anywhere. You no longer need to be tied to a static Excel file to visualise your data. Get full access to your dashboards by just logging in to your account from any device with an internet connection.
Charting options: Choose from 25+ chart types such as speedometer, area, maps, line charts, column, bar charts, and more to tell your data story in the most efficient way. Take it even one step further with our advanced charting options including combining multiple chart types into one, conditional formatting, or adding a secondary axis to your graphs.
Share your analysis: datapine allows you to share your reports in any format you desire. This can be PDF, CSV, XLS, PNG file, or even a password-protected live URL. To keep your data extra safe, you can assign specific viewing and editing rights to each recipient so they will only receive the data you want them to see.
Filters: Our global dashboard filter enables you to filter your entire dashboard based on a selected value. This way, the entire analysis process can be done on one screen. Additionally, the dynamic time fields and hierarchical filters will give you full control over your analysis process.
Templates: If you don’t feel ready to create your own dashboards, benefit from our 100+ dashboard examples and templates for different business functions, industries, and platforms to create stunning reports within seconds.
Professional SQL box: While our intuitive drag-and-drop interface enables non-technical users to generate dashboards for Excel in minutes, our SQL box enables more experienced users to generate their own queries manually, perform cross-database queries, and much more.
Predictive analytics: datapine offers a predictive analytics solution for no extra charge. The tool analyses your historical and current data to find relationships, trends, and patterns and generate forecasts about your future performance. Like this, you will always stay one step ahead of your data with accurate predictions.
Translation options: With accessibility at its core, datapine’s Excel data analysis tool allows users to translate dashboards and reports into over 10+ different languages in one document. This enables international businesses to share their reports with different stakeholders without needing to generate a different one for each user’s language.
Smart data alerts: Our intelligent alerts, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, will notify you as soon as a predefined target is met or any anomalies occur in your data. This will leave you time to perform other important tasks instead of checking your data every other minute.
Embed and customise your dashboards: Unlike not many other SQL reporting tools in the market, datapine offers you the possibility to embed the tool into your system as if it was your own. Everything in the tool is also white labelled so you can personalise it with your business colours, font, and logo.
Mobile optimisation: Unlike spreadsheets which are visually complex and require a bigger screen for better usability, datapine’s dashboards can be optimised to any screen, including mobile, tablet, or desktop. This way, you can access your most important insights, regardless of location or device, without affecting the user experience.

Until now, visualising and analysing data with business intelligence software has been a complicated and time-consuming process. But that is about to change. datapine enables you to build charts, tables, and dynamic dashboards with much less data wrangling than you are used to with other software. With just one click, you can add more parameters to your chart, modify them or apply a filter. With our automated reporting service, you can easily share your charts with select members of your organisation without the need for data analysis in Excel.


Upload CSV files or connect your database(s) for a competitive data analysis Excel solution

With datapine, you have the option to upload your Excel data from a CSV file. The upload process is quick and easy and allows you to get a first impression of what your visualised data can look like. You have two options to connect your CSV files: uploading it from your computer or connecting it via a link from your Dropbox or Google spreadsheets. Additionally, you can also connect many different data sources to datapine’s advanced BI software for which you don’t need to be an expert to work with. We support all common relational databases such as MySQL, CRM- and ERP-systems, third-party data providers, or simple flat files. After uploading the data, you have different options to display the results in our easy-to-use chart editor and share it afterward with the help of interactive dashboards.

After only a short time using datapine’s online BI software, you will experience how much easier and more intuitive it is to operate if you compare it to a data analysis Excel online solution. This is an invaluable benefit as data analysis is not considered a choice but a mandatory practice to succeed in today’s competitive business world. Companies that base their decisions on intuition instead of data or are still segregating most of the company from the analysis process will simply stay behind. datapine offers a user-friendly and intuitive environment to help everyone, from executives to interns, connect their data sources, and extract invaluable insights to optimise their operations and boost business growth.

What have you got to lose? Move on from complicated interfaces and static values to the power of modern business intelligence software. Try out datapine and experience how our intelligent data analysis tool helps you to simplify your daily business. To get an impression of what datapine is like and learn the advantages that it offers compared to traditional methods like data analysis in Excel, sign up now for a free 14-day trial.

but don’t take our word for it...We were amazed how easy it was to use datapine and get the first KPIs within a couple of minutes. datapine is definitively a game changer for us as now all decision makers have quick, easy access to ad hoc analysis, KPI dashboards and reports.Sebastian Diemer, Founder at KreditechGO TO PRODUCT OVERVIEW
If you can visualise it, you can manage it.

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